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Thursday, 10 June 2010


Mannie Sherberg
Dorothy Rabinowitz's superb column helps explain something about Obama that many observers have noted: The man, for all his ostensible rhetorical skills, is a cold fish -- aloof, remote, distant. That's one reason his visits to the Gulf area aren't gaining him any political traction. He voices sympathy and concern for the folks who are suffering, but it all sounds contrived and hokey. Warmth is a very difficult emotion to feign, but all Obama can do is feign it, because his heart simply isn't in it. This is plainly because, as Ms. Rabinowitz has suggested, he doesn't feel at home among ordinary Americans. I've always believed this was a big factor in Truman's 1948 victory over Dewey. Truman came across as a regular guy; Dewey came across, as the joke had it, like the "little man atop the wedding cake." Obama, too, has the stiffness and artificiality of a plastic figurine. And that's because, as Ms. Rabinowitz said, his identification lies not with the American people but "elsewhere." Elsewhereness is deadly for polticians. It ruined Tom Dewey's career; it will ruin Obama's.

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