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Friday, 04 June 2010


Tom Glennon
I think we should thank Helen for this frank admission of her real feelings. As part of the liberal media for decades, I am sure she has expressed these sentiments often to her associates in the media, and especially with the White House Press Corps, but they have protected her from any consequence. We now have proof of the anti-Semitism that is rife in the media. We already knew it, but now the light has come on, and we can see the cockroaches. Bet money that this will not be covered in the mainstream media, and no condemnation of Ms. Thomas will be forthcoming from the usual suspects.
Larry Sheldon
I am not (so far as I know) Jewish but a a pure-blood mongrel, who knows. But there are several groups of people that baffle me by enthusiastically embracing the people who will destroy them. The "Jewish" blogs that rudely chased me off when I said so are chief among those.
Larry Sheldon
Methinks I am too oblique. This is not new behaviour for this harradan.
She's a Good women..and Jews need to get the Hell out of Palestine. The Media btw, is run by Kikes.
I'm glad some one said that, she should be commended. This is the most viable path to peace in Gaza, next to starvation of the opposition indefinitely. Let the aid in, stop hating, go home.
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