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Friday, 04 June 2010


ben levi
can this rabbi[tzin] be called a shmuck??
Mannie Sherberg
Four words in the rabbi's invitation gave the whole game away: "... share feelings and thoughts ..." Notice that the "feelings" precede the "thoughts." This touchy-feely psychobabble has become a hallmark of many rabbis in both the Reform and the so-called Jewish Renewal movements, both of which have become sub-sections of the American Left, which is itself a sub-section of the worldwide Left, which is fast becoming a subsection of the international jihad. Interestingly, the leaders of the international jihad and the worldwide and American Lefts don't give a damn about anyone's "feelings" -- but this new-age hokum helps them keep the plebes happy. My considered guess is the odds are about 99 to one that any rabbi who talks about "sharing feelings" is a committed Leftist who long ago traded in the Torah for treacle. My advice to any Jew who receives an invitation from a rabbi to "share feelings": Run like hell in the other direction.
Doris Wise Montrose
People like her were the first the Nazis took. They knew if people turn on their own, they will turn on them also. Plus nobody likes a turncoat.
ben Levi, I would think so, as long as you finish the phrase with "beyond the pale."
Herb Glatter
each time an article states: "as a Jew.........." they are so predictable and sick F them! Shabbat Shalom, Chaim
Can't she just be shut down?

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