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Sunday, 01 August 2010


Herb Glatter
Anne: "luck" was involved in the rocket attack on Sderot - Arab terrorists were lucky when they hit a Children's Center in Sderot, the good luck was no children or staff were there. link: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/138879
Mannie Sherberg
In reading the pap coming from A. J. Crowley's voice box, one has to wonder if the man isn't just a little embarrassed to be mouthing such inanities on TV. He is talking about Hezbollah -- a group of death-intoxicated cut-throats who would be only two happy to devour Crowley for breakfast. Does he really believe that some kind of "understanding" will "restrain" these Shi'ite nut-jobs -- who believe with all their being that slicing the heads off of infidels is a religious imperative -- from pursuing their goal of turning Lebanon into an Islamic "republic" from which they can then launch the FINAL final solution against Israel? I realize that the language of diplomacy is supposed to be "diplomatic," and that "diplomatic" is a euphemism for "mealy-mouthed" -- but Crowley's language goes beyond that. It is fantastical. For a man who spends each day talking about life-and-death matters, fantastical language can prove lethal. If we don't begin telling ourselves the plain truth -- in plain language -- about what's going on in Lebanon, we will soon find out just how lethal.
Religion is the greatest form of segregation - of surety yes, cause they are still jealously looking or seeking the truth . . . they wont find it until they have returned.

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