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Sunday, 08 August 2010


Mannie Sherberg
Whenever you see such consummate gobbledygook as "relevant professional skill sets" emanating from Washington, you can be sure you're being softened up for another left-wing rip-off. And that's precisely what this -- or will be: A progressivist boondoggle designed to let some dim-witted Dems feel good about themselves. I have a better idea: If these so-called professionals -- whoever they may be -- want or need "cross-cultural understanding" (can anyone explain what that means?) let them get it on their own dime. Or better yet, let's divert the money the Arabs have budgeted for the Cordoba mosque to this project. I'm sure there isn't a Muslim anywhere in the world who wouldn't agree that "cross-cultural understanding" is far, far more important than another pile of bricks and mortar.
Supra Skytop II
Despite prejudice and tragedy in Poland's past, a remarkable revival of Jewish life and culture is now under way, including an annual music festival in Cracow, near Auschwitz

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