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Sunday, 26 September 2010


Mannie Sherberg
Wonderful post, Yael! To put it alliteratively, the prose is perfect and the pictures are priceless. According to a Fox News report just a few minutes ago, Netanyahu has issued a statement asking settlers to proceed with "restraint" when the settlement ban ceases in about seven hours. This would pretty clearly imply that Bibi has no intention of extending the ban. Let's pray that's the case.
Larry Sheldon
This will seem to be a hostile question, and I suppose in some dimensions, it is. But I ask it as an outsider, one who for a long time has read blogs and such that are for one reason or another known to be "Jewish" in outlook, tone, whatever. I read (present tense) them, read (past tense) because they are (were) interesting, contain (contained) information and viewpoints I could not find elsewhere, and because truth and reliability are important to them. But when it became clear that this man was going to be elected I said (edited for length, I have already rambled too long) "Are you out of your minds?!? This man is the worst news you have had in 70 years!" My question: Why was I driven away from so many "Jewish" blogs (for want of a better descriptor)?
Larry, I'm sorry I have no answer for you, other than to say that driving people away from one's blog would seem to me to be counterintuitive and counterproductive (I can't imagine having so many readers that I would feel free to purposefully drive some of them away!). If what you're really asking is "What's the matter with the Jews?" That's a good question, one that I am asked all the time by my Christian colleagues in the Tea Parties. I have no easy answer. I can refer you to Norman Podhoretz's book, Why Are Jews Liberal? where he basically says that Jews abandoned the demanding and strenuous practice of Judaism to worship at the altar of feel-good, do-nothing, liberalism. Or I can send you to Adin Steinsaltz, who (if I read him correctly) sees our problem as an outgrowth of our talent for surviving as chameleons, developed over centuries of persecution, such that we have come to believe in our own disguises. Or I can tell you how an Iranian Jewess (who was part of the effort to overthrow the shah and install a mullocracy) explained that Jews simply "love a revolution." If you are at all religious, I would remind you that Hashem killed four fifths of the Jews in Egypt during the plague of Darkness because they were wicked and didn't want to leave Egypt; only the remaining one fifth left in the Exodus. And even they were not allowed to reach the promised land, but rather had to die out before the next generation was allowed to obtain the inheritance of the Jewish people. Or I could tell you that most Jews have inherited a deep exhaustion that comes from being hated and beaten down, no matter where, no matter when. We have perhaps been guilty of "looking for love in all the wrong places." But in terms of Obama's election, as much as Jews were every bit as gullible as the next guy -and maybe even more so- we are only two percent of the population in America. Even if the Jews had been widely blessed to "know better," Hussein Obama would still have won the election. Maybe you should go ask the young voters and the black community, both of which came out in record numbers to vote for Obama, what's the matter with THEM... Maybe they are better able to vouch for themselves than I am, for the Jews. Just thinking about it makes me tired, and not a little sad.
Larry Sheldon
Much of your recitation I knew (or should have known) but there were new things as well. For one, the percentages you quote are a lot lower than I thought, but even at two percent, that would have been a 4 percent swing. (Before I continue let me say that I am no McCain fan--I believed then (not so sure now) that he would have done less damage. I also hoped that he would listen to Palin. But back to the 2 percent. I don't believe it is uniformly distributed across the country. I believe (without actually having quotable facts at hand) that it occurs in clumps and bunches and as such in effect elects individual electors in the Electoral College, and elects individual Representatives and Senators in some cases. And I believe their influence on others is more pronounced than realized. And your invocation of the Exodus may be prescient--I have co e to believe that the survival of our country might in fact have depended on us traversing this valley of fire. Maybe the fifth has awakened and will lead us (or our children) out. As to what happened to the others? Universities and their leftist faculty. Slow erosion and rot since Woodrow Wilson's time that has addicted us all to entitlements and the "attractions" of socialism. I don't know. At 71 years I probably won't know. But I hope. (For what it is worth--I am a Christian--raised mostly a Presbyterian, experiment with a lot of other Protestant churches, at one point thought I was madly in love with a Roman Catholic--her church cured me of that. At another point I was madly in love with a Jew--her family welcomed me and I felt good--the romance curdled on issues that had nothing to do with religion or heritage. I decided as a young man that my readings of the New Testament showed nothing requiring the participation of organized religion for my salvation. I am married to an Episcopal Deacon and participate minimally in that church. But I think that when I have a need for strong preaching and teaching, an hour or two of Glenn Beck's radio or TV program is the place to go.)
Larry Sheldon
"I have come to believe" it says at one point--dunno where the "m" went.
Larry Sheldon
Farther down the B list (no shame there--it is just the way the Alphabet works around here) I saw this: http://www.brutallyhonest.org/brutally_honest/2010/09/what-separates-heaven-from-hell.html ( http://tinyurl.com/28vo8h7 same place). Not sure how it fits here, but I sense that it does, somehow. Please understand that I have a Grand Canyon more affection for the lion than I do anybody in power in our governments today).
Larry Sheldon
I don't understand. http://scaramouchee.blogspot.com/2010/09/jewish-boat-to-gaza.html
Larry Sheldon
But for clarity: I don't understand "feminists" like some of my daughters supporting Moslems either.
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