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Thursday, 04 November 2010


We have our people all ready to ask him point blank what he thinks about Israel being deceived by one of his own on the embassy act. His answer only one quarter of the litmus test on Israel. Remember, words of support by the upper echelon of the Republican party have PROVEN mere words mean nothing. In the mean time, A most sincere Mazel Tov to Marco Rubio. Job well done!! Bottom line however is we know your trip to Israel is to lay the ground work for your eventual possible run for the White House. I ask all of you to raise the bar; to let our Republican elected officials with an eye on the oval office know without compunction we will not support you on mere words and that by deception and lies to us we can and will bring you down. No more blank checks not even to our own. When they know this it will be a different day. This too without a doubt a litmus test to Republican Jews as well. This is how Jews should stand up for themselves and their beloved Jerusalem. We might very well have lost Jerusalem by being led astray by one of our very own! We might very well have lost Jerusalem by one of our very own for those high up in the Republican party who allowed this to happen by being silent. Remember that. The impact of Bush breaking his promise to JEWS by not signing the embassy act has the most serious implications of all times in modern times. Worse the implications of being swayed once again by mere words and tunnel vision will indeed kill us all.

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