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Sunday, 07 November 2010


Mannie Sherberg
I have but two comments: First, Daniel Greenfield thinks like a genius and writes like an angel. He is an adornment to the human race. Second, not a one of those governments that promised to achieve utopias in which no one goes hungry and everyone is equally prosperous has, of course, ever succeeded. The grim and grisly reality is that every one of them -- whether the Soviet Union or Red China or North Korea or any other -- has produced a "utopia" in which a tiny elite is well fed and prosperous and the immense remainder of the people are equally malnourished (or starved) and equally impoverished. No invention in history has produced more misery than "Government as God."
Tom Glennon
I spent three hours this morning in a meeting with a Colonel and Major in the Army. The Major is just back from Afghanistan. After being with these men, it is indeed disheartening to listen to the president, and his pronouncements about both religion and warfare. As Mannie wrote, no government that replaced Gd with government has ever delivered anything but misery. May I add that a cult of personality, replacing a representative government, can only result in a loss of all that the Creator has given us, the freedom to choose our own destiny.

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