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Thursday, 04 November 2010


Michael Krauss
Sometimes you have to flush the toilet several times before all the waste goes down.
Mannie Sherberg
Michael -- that is the sharpest -- and truest -- metaphor I have read in a very long time. No one could say it better than you have. Many thanks!
Tom Glennon
Michael and Mannie. Remember, it is the government mandated low flow toilets that make it harder to flush the waste. Guess they continue to protect their own.
Tom, you win. I laughed until I cried.
Daniel Greenfield @ Sultan Knish blog
Unfortunately a lot of the CAIR crowd operates in fairly safe districts, which makes taking them down rather difficult
We have at least 56 traitors between the now not so White House and the 2 Houses of the Congress. We must force out the traitors by all legal means, before they can do any more harm to the nation. We must immediately cut off all funding for "Palenstine" and other places infested with the scum of Islam. I know some sob sisters will claim I am a "racist", no I am a Survivalist, a realist and love my country very dearly. I want it free of the negative influences of a cult that was established by a rapist, thief, murderer, and psychopathic child molester.

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