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Friday, 05 November 2010


First of all the Unions have a large stronghold on the electorate in Nevada. Running against the unions is no easy job. Most importantly I hate to say it but the candidate running against the guy who should have been ousted from public service a long time ago was way way too out there. For that a large number of independents refused to vote for her. No one wants to admit the power of the independent. Face it, those independents who detest Reid, simply did not vote. Period. The key is finding the absolute best candidate to throw someone like Harry out of office. Only deep honest introspection by Republicans without the aid of self imposed blinders or tunnel vision can unlock the truth.
The ballots were pre-marked for Reid and the SEIU was called in to "fix" the problem. Reid's son lost by a landslide in Arizona. A first-grader can figure out how Reid, the father "won" the election. Rasmussen wasn't off. They just failed to factor in voter fraud.

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