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Sunday, 12 December 2010


Mannie Sherberg
No story in our time has been more skillfully hidden than the story of Muslim persecution of Christians. There is apparently no place in the Muslim world -- not Sudan, not Egypt, not Pakistan, not anywhere between -- where Christians are not at risk of their lives. Anyone in the West who knows how to read is aware of this, but, with a few notable exceptions, almost no one talks about it. And that includes, of course, a good many so-called leaders of the American Christian community. We are told again and again in books about Islam that Christians and Jews are tolerated as dhimmis -- people who are allowed to live as Jews or Christians so long as they pay the jizya, the required tax on these two groups. But that is evidently not true; a dhimmi can become a martyr in the blink of an eye if the authorities choose to cease the "toleration" and begin the murder. Those among us who dare not raise a peep about this hellish situation are no better than the Europeans who failed to raise a peep about the Nazi murder of Jews. If there is, in the future, such a thing as the writing of history (instead of the writing of propaganda), history will not look kindly on us.

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