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Friday, 21 January 2011


Mannie Sherberg
You are right: the entire moral spectrum is being rendered meaningless. And that's because something even more basic -- more fundamental -- is happening before our very eyes. What's happening is "lexicide" -- the destruction of a language by deliberately defiling and ravishing its words. The technique is an old one -- perfected by the Soviets and then adopted by the Germans, who so raped and violated the German language that many decent Germans remarked -- after World War II -- that they felt unable to write in their mother tongue. But it was really the Soviets, under Stalin, who brought the technique to perfection, turning, during the Purge Trials of the 1930s, "loyalty" into "treason," "right" into "wrong," and "innocence" into "guilt." The Soviets left the Russian language so despoiled that today Putin is able to use the same techniques successfully with barely a whimper of protest from the Russian masses. Plainly, it takes a long time to bring a ravaged language back to life. And I fear that once the current onslaught against American English subsides -- if it ever does -- it will be a very long time before it recovers its old honesty and truthfulness. History, I pray, will not look kindly upon the Obama administration nor any of those Americans who helped to make it what it is by assaulting and betraying the very language in which it conducts its business. Those who say that lexicide is -- at worst -- a victimless crime are dead wrong. As Orwell knew, it is one of the most serious crimes imaginable -- a crime that victimizes every one of us, and that victimizes generations still unborn.
Tom Glennon
I will now add "lexicide" to my ever expanding vocabulary. A continuing effort in our march to "newspeak".

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