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Friday, 25 February 2011


Mannie Sherberg
In the Book of Ecclesiastes, Koheleth offers some wisdom that seems -- in the present instance -- downright prescient: "I said to myself, 'Come, I will treat you to merriment. Taste mirth!' That too, I found, was futile. Of revelry I said, 'It's mad!' Of merriment, 'What good is that?'" Our president, if he does not already know it, is about to learn for himself what Koheleth learned long ago: When it comes to escaping life's trials and tribulations, mirth and revelry and merriment are futile, futile, futile. Celebration is useless, partying is otiose, carousal is of no avail. There is NO escape from life's trials and tribulations. The only thing that might help this president out of the steadily-worsening predicament in which he finds himself would be to man-up and DO HIS JOB. My guess is that he will not do that. Instead, we are likely to see more mirth, more revelry, more merriment -- always the weak man's course in times of desperation. Barack Obama has become a frightened boy, whistling as he dashes past the graveyard. How pathetically futile. Somewhere, Koheleth must be weeping.

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