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Tuesday, 08 February 2011


My hair stood on end as I read this....! These people have invited the wrath of the Living G-D. I would not like to be in their shoes. And how typical of muslim vileness, the agreeing to take photos - for a price.......!!
Mannie Sherberg
The Soviets rewrote history by literal rewriting -- changing the words and sentences in millions of copies of thousands of books. The Arabs rewrite history by digging. This assault on the Temple Mount has been going on since the end of the 1967 war, when -- in what may be one of the worst political blunders in modern history -- Moshe Dayan turned over control of the Mount to Jordan in the belief that retention of the Mount by Israel would lead only to further war and further bloodshed. Ever since, the Islamic Waqf has done everything possible to erase any evidence of any Jewish connection whatsoever to the Mount. Just as the Soviets devoted immense amounts of money and time to obliterating from their history books any evidence that Trotsky played a role in the Bolshevik Revolution, the Arabs are busy -- and have been for 44 years -- obliterating from the Temple Mount any evidence of the existence of such a thing as a Jewish Temple. Interesting, isn't it? None of the great totalitarian systems of our time -- not Communism, not Naziism, not Islamism -- was or is capable of co-existing with the truth. Totalitarianism can survive only with the aid of the Big Lie.
Gatehouse Academy Review
I support your view for the position of the altar … glad you supplied not only a constructive critique of the Arutz 7 report, but your own illustrations for clarity. I guess, given recent 21st century practices of the Waqf, and their “repairs” on the Temple Mount, it seems that they may harbor duel motives in these ongoing restorations. It is sad. We can only hope that the Israeli authorities will eventually enforce their sovereignty over the site and allow for (at minimum) a non-invasive GPR survey (or similar technology) the Harem plaza. That would be amazing to see
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This is extremely disconcerting.. these guys were my favorite group on Storm Chasers.... :

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