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Sunday, 27 February 2011


Mannie Sherberg
When it comes to dealing with creatures like Ghaddafi, these moral statements are worse than useless -- they are an utter waste of time. Ghaddafi has the power lust of a Caligula and the morals of a vulture. He is no more likely to heed Obama's advice to "leave now" than he is to join Chabad. Even the belated sanctions are useless. As John Bolton said this morning, there's nothing we can withhold from him that will serve any purpose. Arms? The guy already has more weaponry than he can use. Money? He has many billions of dollars. International respect? That's absurd. The man is responsible -- among other atrocities too numerous to count --for the slaughter of a jumbo-jet full of innocent human beings -- and we indulge in meaningless balderdash and equally meaningless sanctions? The only thing that would prove useful at this juncture is Ghaddafi's assassination. And unless that's done by the Libyans themselves, it ain't gonna happen. The best thing we Americans can hope for now is that the president shuts up and stops embarrassing all of us with his verbal inanities and diplomatic naivete.

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