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Monday, 14 March 2011


I've really been in shock since hearing of this horrible tragedy yesterday. I'm praying for the surviving children (there are 3), Tamar, Roi, and Shai. I can't fathom what they are going through. I nanny for children who lost their mother, but losing both parents and 3 siblings in such a brutal manner is incomprehensible- may G-d help and comfort them throughout their lives. Praying that the Fogel's blood will be avenged and that there may be no more victims of terror and hatred in Israel. Hugs to you, Yael. I thought of you when I heard; how crushing to go from such a simcha to hearing the news and seeing the faces of this precious family. May G-d bless, protect, and strengthen you and your family. You do not stand alone in your stand for Israel.
Mannie Sherberg
These jihadi ghouls are certainly equal-opportunity butchers, but they seem to especially relish murdering children. Over the years, they've killed Israeli kids in discos, kids on school buses, kids in diners, kids at seders -- and now kids in their beds. Our good friend Tom Glennon reminded me just today that the Chechen counterpart of the Itamar murderers pulled off the infamous Beslan massacre just a few years ago -- a wholesale slaughter of children. The list goes on and on. What we're seeing here is the revival of something we thought had ended in the early pages of Genesis -- child sacrifice. Indeed, it has become a central element of the jihad; wherever the jihad appears, child sacrifice follows in its wake -- including, in the case of suicide bombers and Iranian mine-sweepers, the sacrifice of Muslim children. Claire Berlinski has called this behavior "psychotic;" it is even worse than psychotic -- it is demonic. If, as Abraham Joshua Heschel insisted, the God of Israel is the God of Pathos, there must be copious weeping in the heavens these days.
Hope, check your email.

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