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Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Rick Richman
Mannie Sherberg
So far as we know, when the original Amalekites attacked the Israelites, there was no Fifth Column among the Israelites to give them aid and comfort. Times have certainly changed. Today's Amalekites receive all the aid and comfort they could desire from a wealthy and influential Fifth Column planted snugly in the midst of the Jewish people. Lori Lowenthal Marcus reports in today's American Thinker that, at this year's J Street Conference, one of the group's founders -- a guy by the name of Daniel Levy -- made this remark: "Maybe if this collective Jewish State in the Middle East can only survive by the sword, then Israel really ain't a good idea." Remove the qualifiers from that sentence and it comes down to this: "Since Israel survives by the sword, Israel is a bad idea -- and therefore shouldn't exist." (I wonder if Levy applies the same logic to the United States -- and reaches the same conclusion?) The Palestinians don't really need homegrown head-slicers to do their dirty work; if they wait a while, the traitors, Quislings, and rat-finks inside the Jewish community will have done it for them.
Tom Glennon
I prefer my own version of the sword quote to that cited by Mr. Levy. "Those who live by the sword will eventually be shot by those who don't." It is fortunate that the IDF does not live by the sword.

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