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Friday, 29 April 2011


Mannie Sherberg
Yael -- I have a somewhat different idea about what to do with Gaza if the Israelis were to take over the place. Gaza, of course, takes its name from Gaza City, which is the place in which Samson, after having his eyes gouged out by the Philistines, was imprisoned and forced to grind grain. And it was there, in the city of Gaza, that he was removed to a temple where the Philistines hoped to humiliate him by making him dance before them. But, as we all know, it was instead Samson who humiliated -- to put it mildly -- the Philistines by pulling down the pillars of the temple, thereby toppling the structure and killing everyone inside. So I'd like to see Gaza City renamed Samson City and the entire territory renamed Samson Province or some such moniker. The Palestinians frequently boast that they're the descendants of the Philistines, and therefore the rightful heirs to "Palestine." Seems to me there'd be something fitting about taking over the whole area and renaming it for the Philistines' arch nemesis.
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