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Friday, 08 April 2011


Mannie Sherberg
Discourse? What discourse? The bilge emanating from the Dems these days isn't discourse -- it's hysteria. And it's so far over the top it's in its own orbit. In just the past day, Harry Reid has said the GOP wants to withhold cancer screenings from American women; Congresswoman Louise Slaughter has said Republicans intend to kill women; Kathleen Sibelius insists the GOP will increase the number of abortions; and Jesse Jackson -- never a man to be outdone -- says the U. S. is in a civil war. The language has become downright apocalyptic; one can almost hear the thundering hoofs of the four horses. And the marvelous thing about all this is that not one of these people believes a single thing he or she is saying. It's all feigned, all fake, all phoney. The wonder is that they can say it with straight faces. What fools these Democrats be!
Mannie, remember the brouhaha over "civil discourse" when Congresswoman Giffords was shot? My use of the phrase here is intended as irony, with some contempt thrown in. In other words, it was completely "tongue-in-cheek."
Mannie Sherberg
Yael -- I understood the irony at once. But I couldn't pass up the opportunity to comment on the phoniness of all this Democratic show-boating. This is all theatrics -- a combination of melodrama and farce. And I must say the Dems are very good at it. They all seem to be born thespians who can deliver a line like "John Boehner will singlehandedly bring the world to an end," and sound sincere as they do it. It's all play-acting, but play-acting of a very high order. The strange thing, I think, is that so many elected Republicans take them seriously -- and then engage them in debate as if the point they were debating is a real point. We'd all be better off if our politicos spent more time on history and less time on histrionics. Shabbat shalom!

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