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Thursday, 12 May 2011


Mannie Sherberg
This post and Rick's earlier one are both spot-on. Anyone interested in the subject of secular religions -- Naziism, Communism, Maoism, etc. -- can do no better than read Alessandro Orsini's masterpiece, "Anatomy of the Red Brigades." I have never read a more instructive and terrifying book -- but then, as Orsini makes bone-chillingly clear, secular religions are INTENTIONALLY terrifying. The book is a psychological study of the Red Brigades, as cold and cruel a bunch of terrorists as ever existed. Orsini's journey into the minds of people who are "religiously" impelled to murder without the slightest compunction explains a modern phenomenon which would otherwise remain incomprehensible. His conclusion is that ALL secular religions -- and this most assuredly includes the secular religion that I would call Palestinianism -- use the language of humanism and liberalism to produce nothing but mountains of corpses. Rick's "four articles of faith," which speak glowingly of living "side by side in peace," will produce mainly Israeli corpses, just as Red Brigadism produced mainly Italian corpses. Why this outcome is not merely probable but inevitable is explained by Orsini in greater detail and with more clarity than I've read anywhere else. The blood-curdling fact is that the outcome of the struggle -- which Orsini portrays so well -- between human decency and human depravity is still very much in doubt.

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