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Wednesday, 04 May 2011


Mannie Sherberg
Yes, I certainly do think so. I've remarked on the president's juvenile qualities previously on BtB -- referring to him, as I recall, as sophomoric and adolescent. But I think the behavior described in this post goes well beyond the puerile or the jejune. This is downright mean-spirited. This is wanton, spiteful, malicious behavior. It bespeaks a man who is much worse than a callow juvenile in adult garb; it bespeaks a grudge-bearing, resentful, vindictive man. And it bespeaks a deep-seated character defect of which all of us should be frightened.
Totally agree! Seeing his classless, vindictive treatment of Paul Ryan a few weejs ago was shocking to me, and I already have a fairly low opinion of the man.
Tom Glennon
I like Mannie's use of sophomoric. As I recall, sophomore is Greek for "wise fool". As to his adolescent vindictiveness, his return of the Churchill bust, a gift from England, and his gift of an I-Pod to Queen Elizabeth with recordings of his speeches, tells us much about his character.
Mannie Sherberg
Tom -- you're right as rain about the Greek derivation. The idea, I suppose, is that a sophomore is a deluded second-year student who thinks he's an incarnation of Aristotle/Newton/Einstein just because he was lucky enough to survive his first year of study. But I think it's pretty clear that Obama's sophomoric ways go back way further than his freshman year in the White House. This guy was sophomoric when he served in the Senate (think of his rotten attendance record; doesn't that remind you of the sophomore who skips classes because there's nothing more he can learn?) and probably long before that. I guess the adage "once a fool always a fool" applies.
First, it was Arizona (on illegal "immigration" and drug cartels). Later, it was Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama (on offshore drilling, and the damage done to their local economies). Later still, it was Texas (as noted above).
There was a song--a Texas song--from the late '70s that was also popular in Oklahoma, and almost certainly in Louisiana. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOzOIofXtGc Back in those days, the days of the "Misery Index", the days of "Stagflation", and the days of a so-called "Energy Crisis", the local complaint was either that we paid more for our own petroleum than they did up north, or, due to Federal Regulations, we had to pay a *lot* more (for our own petroleum) than we should have.

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