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Thursday, 02 June 2011


Herb Glatter
"various creatures" walt and mearsheimer - Priceless
Mannie Sherberg
I know virtually zilch about Jill Abramson, but I'd be willing to bet the family jewels (such as they are) that she'll be another Leftie shil for the Sulzberger worldview. The only thing I do know about Ms. Abramson is that she's fond of mixed metaphors. She says she is ascending to Valhalla, but then claims that in her girlhood home, the NYT was considered the "absolute truth." But, contra Hitler, the original absolute truth --- which she says the NYT supplanted -- came from Sinai. Wouldn't it therefore be metaphorically apt for her to say that she had ascended Mt. Sinai? Why in the world mention Valhalla, a place dear to the hearts of Richard Wagner and his Aryan-obsessed, Jew-hating acolytes? I dunno. Maybe she's confused. Maybe she's revealed more about herself than we should know. I hope it's the former. But people who get euphoric about Valhalla make me uncomfortable.

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