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Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Mannie Sherberg
The email from Barack (y'gotta love that intimate, cozy, first-name touch) is beyond lampoon, beyond parody, beyond mockery. I read it three times -- carefully -- and still cannot believe that it isn't a spoof -- something written by an out-of-work comedy writer with too much time on his hands. Who else could have written the hilarious "I'm busy doing the job I was elected to do"? Or maybe the email was written by a lovesick teen-ager. Serious grown-ups are simply incapable of writing a line like "The president and I would love to meet you." The possibilities are endless, but the conclusion is inescapable: This is -- in the final analysis -- nothing to laugh about. Frankly, Yael, I think this is a matter with urgent national-security implications. It's obvious that someone not affiliated with the White House is sending out emails over the president's name. The potential ramifications -- were the writer to send a mischievous email over the name "Barack" to Ahmadinejad or Putin -- are incalculable. Do your duty. Call the FBI now -- before we're all incinerated because of the fancies of a crazed but anonymous email writer.

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