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Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Tom Glennon
We all know that Mr. Obama is a big fan of the United Nations. I wonder why no reporter asked him to comment on North Korea assuming the Chairmanship of the U.N. Conference on Disarmament? Too tough a question? Or too busy to notice?
Mannie Sherberg
Tom -- I've sometimes wondered what Obama will do after his presidency, whether that's in 2013 or -- heaven forbid! -- 2017. It's impossible, at least for me, to imagine this puffed-up megalomaniac fading into quiet retirement a la G. W. Bush, or being satisfied with making an occasional public statement a la Bill Clinton. After strutting on the world's biggest stage as the world's most powerful man, he's going to need something a little more grandiose than private life on Chicago's near south side. My guess is that the only job that might come at all close to satisfying this man's narcissism would be as Secretary General of the UN. From that lofty perch, he might assuage his nostalgia for the Oval Office by assuring himself that he's "progressed" from being King of the United States to being Emperor of the World. If I'm right, we can expect him to refrain from any criticism whatsoever of the United Nations for the rest of his term in office. No point, after all, in endangering his prospects for a job as the modern-day Caesar.

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