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Thursday, 30 June 2011


Mannie Sherberg
I think psychiatry is clear on this: Any individual who engages in one failed suicide attempt after another will sooner or later succeed in committing suicide. In this respect, nations are just individuals writ large. With every passing day, it becomes increasingly clear that a vote for Obama in 2012 will be the expression of a national death wish. A year ago I might not have written the following sentence, but today I write it without hesitation: 2012 will be a life-or-death election. In a world where Iran is on the verge of nuclear weaponry, where Saudi Arabia is promising to nuclearize militarily if Iran does, where Pakistan with all its nukes may be on its last leg, where all of southeast Asia and the Middle East is a powder keg, where Hamas and Hezbollah are itching to dump their arsenals on Israel, where the Arab "Spring" is becoming more and more wintry -- in such a world we cannot engage in a continuing series of self-annihilatory blunders like making nice with the Muslim Brotherhood -- and expect to survive. In 2012 it will be not just America's government but America's life that is on the line.
La Fallaci put it best: "One or the other must perish." // Let it not be us.

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