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Thursday, 30 June 2011


Rick Richman
Rare footage of the Altalena burning, and an interview of Yitzhak Rabin recalling what happened (he was 26 years old and there at the time): "Some of the Palmach fighters heard Begin was on the ship, and began firing like crazy." http://tinyurl.com/669uugx (courtesy of Sultan Knish).
Mannie Sherberg
Jerold Auerbach is easily one of our finest writers of Jewish history, on a par, I would say, with Robert Wistrich -- which is very high praise. I've ordered but haven't yet read his latest book, so I can't comment on it. but I will urge BtB readers, especially if they're not already acquainted with Auerbach, to read the book and see for themselves how much they'll learn from him. Don't be deterred by the bad reader review on Amazon; it's by a writer who apparently despises the Irgun, the Likud, and the Israeli Right in general -- and believes Israel "needs" to "liberate Palestine." Ignore the review and read Auerbach anyway. Those readers who would like to go back a bit further in Israeli history than the days of the Altalena can do no better than read Auerbach's "Hebron Jews" -- a book that both teaches and breaks the heart.
Mannie, I know a lady whose "turf" it was for a very long time to battle such bias in reviews at Amazon. I don't know if you write reviews there, but maybe you should consider it.
Mannie Sherberg
Yael -- I've never written a review for Amazon; they send me emails from time to time asking me to do so -- but I suspect they send such emails to all their customers who buy a given number of books. My only reason for not writing reviews is that it takes a lot of time and effort to write one that's worth reading -- and I'm constitutionally lazy. Thanks for the suggestion; I will consider it. Certainly authors as important as Jerold Auerbach -- and he IS an unusually knowledgeable authority on Zionist history -- deserve all the support they can get.
Yeal~ You see the Synagogue in your photo? THAT shul's very FIRST TORAH Scroll was a gift from my Mother and her surviving siblings, dedicated to her Holy parents, z"tl, who perished in the Shoah. When Neve Dekalim was forced to evacuate, my cousin carried it out of the shul with hundreds of other residents. The crying and heartbreak was beyond belief. Our family has it on film. THAT is what Ariel Sharon did to our people. See where he lies now!

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