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Thursday, 07 July 2011


Mannie Sherberg
If this list is accurate, it strikes me as pretty timid. Why not include abolition of the Department of Education and the Department of Commerce? And why not at least consider getting rid of the Department of Homeland Security? Can anyone seriously argue that we're safer today than we were before the department was established? And how about dumping some regulatory agencies -- especially the FCC, which serves no useful purpose that I'm aware of? This may be a long list, but it's not a serious one. It's time to get real, folks.
Tom Glennon
I would add the Department of Energy to the list of those that should be abolished. And the Agriculture Department could be cut by at least half. I also recall that the Department of Indian Affairs budget is sufficient to give every person of at least half Native American ancestry (men, women and children) $24,000 annually, which would cure the poverty issue among that minority.

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