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Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Mannie Sherberg
At the moment, the conventional wisdom among the mainstream media seems to be that Obama is winnng his fight against the GOP ... that he's outmaneuvered his Congressional opponents ... that he's on the way to the biggest victory of his presidency ... blah, blah, blah ... But you'd never know it from this story. Nobody who's on the verge of a monumental triumph would be as touchy, as peevish, as irascible as our very uptight president seems to be. Methinks he's under a lot of strain and a lot of pressure and that he doesn't stand up well to either. This sounds like one very worried guy. My guess is that his response would be the same whether Cantor is Jewish or a practitioner of voodoo. What we have here is a weak man in a job that's far too big for him. Heaven help us if he starts feeling real pressure -- from someone like, say, Ahmadinejad.
Tom Glennon
Well said, Mannie. Is immature description of Obama's behavior today? Certainly, with his edict that reporters cannot yell questions at him seems rather petulant. I fear that we have a man-boy in the Presidency.
Mannie Sherberg
"Man-boy" is a good term, Tom. And like all man-boys, he has a thin skin and a low tolerance for criticism. Interestingly, this never really showed up during the 2008 campaign, because he made it a point to talk almost exclusively to carefully-vetted crowds where he rarely heard a heckle or a shouted insult. For all his public exposure, he spent most of the campaign in a protective cocoon. The Obama we saw -- self-assured to the point of cockiness -- isn't (and wasn't) the real Obama. It's only now, when the going has gotten tough, that we're seeing the real guy. Not a pretty sight.
Rick Richman
This is at least his third attempt to raise the current tax rates -- something he could not do with a Democratic Congress, not even in the lame duck session after the shellacking, and which he now insists that a Republican Congress agree to after he couldn't get a Democratic one to do it. He repeatedly insisted on a settlement freeze, even after everyone else realized it was not only a nonstarter but a mistake to have gone down that road in the first place. He continued to push ObamaCare even after the voters in the People's Republic of Massachusetts held a referendum on it and sent him Scott Brown to stop it. He seems to combine (1) an insistence on his own solutions, with (2) an enormous self-regard, together with 3) a thin skin when challenged, and (4) no prior experience as a CEO. What a combination.
According to al Reuters, quoting a Republican aide, Obama said, "This may bring my presidency, but I will not yield..." http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/07/13/usa-debt-meeting-limit-idUSWEN537520110713
New Class Traitor
May his prediction --- that it will bring down his presidency --- come true, speedily and in our days.

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