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Thursday, 28 July 2011


Mannie Sherberg
Thomas Malthus must be spinning in his grave. Or maybe not. Maybe he's lying there peacefully, grinning at the stupidity of Lyndon Johnson and all his ilk. In one of the great texts of modern economics (1798), Malthus established, by the most rigorous logic, that the belief that "the burgeoning welfare state would make people more self-sufficient" is fatuous in the extreme. Anyone interested in an up-dating of Malthus should read David Stove's recently published "What's Wrong With Benevolence" -- which proves as conclusively as anything can that welfare always begets more welfare. Stove, an Australian philosopher with a wicked sense of humor, produces example after example to show why welfare never has, never can, and never will produce self-sufficiency. One of the abiding tragedies of our current debt crisis is the fact that so much of the debt was incurred to do things that were certain to harm our country. LBJ's welfare program and its many later permutations are sad examples of money squandered and irreparable damage done.

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