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Monday, 15 August 2011


Mannie Sherberg
I couldn't agree more, Yael. We all write silly stuff from time to time, but the Geller piece is both stridently and stupidly silly -- and it should, upon sober second thought, embarrass Pam Geller. The bit about the Assassins caught my eye, too. That was exactly comparable to writing "Benjamin Netanyahu is the leader of the Israelis, the same people who gave rise to the Sicarii" -- completely ignoring the fact that the Sicarii vanished from history 2,000 years ago. As for Perry being seen in public with Grover Norquist -- you'd have a hard time finding any Republican big-shot who hasn't. Like him or not, Norquist is a player in the GOP, and players get courted by politicians; that's just the way American politics works. If Pam Geller is searching for a candidate who's pure as the driven snow, she might as well stop looking; Rick Perry -- being a mere mortal -- surely has flaws, and those flaws, just as surely, will be exposed in the coming weeks. But let's not expect a GOP candidate who isn't a politician; even Ike, the archetypal "non-political" president, spent plenty of his time politicking -- and he was pretty damn good at it. There is nothing -- simply nothing -- in Geller's diatribe to make one suspect that Rick Perry is sympathetic to the jihad or fails to recognize the jihadi threat. This column is not extremism in defense of liberty -- this is extremism in defense of silliness. If we hear enough of this nonsense, we may yet hear the "news alert": "Barack Obama has just been re-elected president of the United States."
Rick Richman
Thank you, Yael and Mannie.
Daniel Greenfield @ Sultan Knish blog
I'm afraid that I have to respectfully differ and suggest that Perry, like every candidate, deserves close scrutiny on this issue.
Oy gevalt. I'm back to Michelle...I think.
Although I appreciate much of Geller's work, I usually take what she says with more than a few grains of salt. Her article about Perry is an example of this, and a big disappointment to me. Her tactic actually reminds me a lot of how LGF smears its opponents, including Geller herself. One thing that I've noticed about her website is that all Muslims - men, women, and children - are evil until they have been killed in an honor killing. It's as if "the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim." I will take Rick Perry over that kind of attitude any day.

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