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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Stu in SDGO
What's the comparison of Democrat-Republican-Independent sample sizes in the two polls? I would expect Gallup to over-sample Democrats.
I'm at peace with the idea that a bad president (in almost every sense) and the voters that elected him are getting the consequences of their poor judgement. Our nation (like a person) learns from its fits and starts and (even well intentioned) mistakes.
John Werneken
Well if we combine what no President can ACTUALLY improve, Unemployment, with what Obama has done or tried to do: health care (an improvement IMHO but not much of one for the majority, hence its popularity lol); stimulus (basically a bad and unworkable GOAL without getting in to what if anything it accomplished); and cap-and-trade (both a bad GOAL and a terrible method)…it’s no wonder. The three things I really agree with the President on (continuing the Bush wars; expanding health care eligibility considerably amongst those without access before; and blaming the VOTERS for the sorry state of affairs, who IMHO are in fact the right ones to blame), are hardly likely to be popular with many, even if I myself am delighted). Then add how he explains, sorta, his goals methods and views, and he’ll be lucky not to be impeached. A President IMHO is supposed to lead the Country he’s President of, no t act like the leader of some imaginary place, which whatever it’s called is NOT called the USA.
Excellent post. I threw you a link.

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