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Monday, 15 August 2011


Mannie Sherberg
Let's admit it: When it comes to devising busywork, boondoggles, and bureaucratic balderdash, the Dims have no peers. What they do have is a perverse genius for inventing mindless schemes for wasting the public's money. These schemes have nothing to do with honest work; they involve assigning people to monitor the efforts of other people who are paid to monitor the efforts of still other people, in an endless regress back to the Big Bang. For capers like the Rural Council, we are allowing our grandkids to become serfs of the Chinese. There really is, it appears, such a thing as a Death Wish: -- and it has our national government in its thrall.
Tom Glennon
OK, I looked at the makeup of the members of the new Rural Council. It seems that they all have met the same criteria. They can all say "I have never met a farmer, or been on a ranch, but I did buy some sweet corn at a roadside stand once".

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