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Friday, 16 September 2011


Avinoam Ben Dor
I stumbled on to this article when reading an article by Daniel Greenfield. I see that there are no comments to this article. What does it mean? That the American public does not know what its Administration is doing with good taxpayers' money? or That they know, but don't give a hoot about the way it is spent? I've been trying for years to wake up my American friends to send letters to their Congressmen/Women to stop financing Arab terrorist organisations like the PLO, Hamas and others. I guess people really do not care what is going on right outside their doorstep. I get this notion by reading the news about the rampant antisemitism on US campuses, the growing influence of Islam in the US and the lack of support Israel gets from Jewish groups in America. These Leftist groups like J-Street think that by appeasing the Arabs and Islam, they will be accepted and spared the hatchet when Sharia is the Law of the land. These ignorant Jews have forgotten that just 70 years ago the whole world gave up on them when Hitler decided to annihilate the Jewish race of the face of the earth. God save us from our friends for from our enemies we know how to defend ourselves. I recommend to all readers of this Blog to read: The Secret War Against the Jews by John Loftus.

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