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Friday, 16 September 2011


Mannie Sherberg
Congratulations, Yael. Truer words were never spoken -- or written. The ADL is morally bankrupt, and has been for years. The saddest part of this whole sad story is that Zionism was intended to put an end to the kind of Jews who cowered and cringed in corners -- the sort of Jews Bialik wrote so scathingly about. Zionism was supposed to re-incarnate the muscular Jewry of the Maccabees and Bar Kochba. It succeeded -- but only up to a point. Cowering and cringing Jews are still with us -- aplenty. They've found a haven in the ADL and a host of other Jewish organizations that prefer a craven and ignominious Jewry to the stalwart Jewry about which Nordau dreamed. Those Israelis who feel contempt for the craven and cringing Jews of the United States (who behave as if they were still living in Kishinev!) are correct to do so. I join them in their contempt.
Ester Sarah
Thank you so much for covering this Yael. I was so happy to see a letter from the ADL in today's paper, thinking finally, finally someone from a Jewish group would respond to the constant barrage of Jew-hatred that appears in the Camera's pages. But my optimism was short-lived of course. It's particularly enraging because the letter that the ADL chose to publicly reprimand was not one of the many letters that accuses Israel of "ethnic cleansing," of using the "holocaust industry" to hide its "crimes," etc. etc. but the lone letter to appear in ages that defended Israel. The student who wrote the letter even says "With these thoughts in mind I give my analysis that until less radical minds prevail in Gaza and the West Bank there can be no true peace, and giving them recognition will only lead to an illegitimate terrorist group gaining an international voice." So clearly he is not lumping all Arabs together; yet the ADL chose to jump all over this writer in particular while saying nary a word about the Jew- and Israel-haters who are a constant presence in this newspaper.

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