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Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Mannie Sherberg
I was going to write that the HuffPo attacks couldn't get much uglier, but we all know that they will get much uglier -- although it's hard for decent folks to imagine how. We're barely at the start of a long 14-month campaign, and the Dims have hardly had time to sharpen their knives. In a few weeks, the attacks will be even more scurrillous, more defamatory, and more blackguardly than the one in the picture -- and they'll be coming from every Leftie outfit in the country, not just the HuffPo. For what it's worth, this stuff is nothing new. The Bolshevik ancestors of our present-day Lefties were masters at obliterating and annihilating the character of anyone and everyone they considered an "enemy." I'm not talking about just Russian Bolsheviks; those Americans who belonged to the CPUSA were every bit as adept at character assassination as their buddies back in the USSR (recall the efforts of Alger Hiss and his many supporters to blacken the name of Whittaker Chambers). So when the heirs of the Leninist/Stalinist tradition at the HufffPo try to besmirch Rick Perry by turning him into a moral degenerate, they are simply doing what Lefties have always done (you could fill a book with the vile charges Karl Marx levelled against the many, many people he detested). We are in for a hideously ugly campaign from a dissolute and malefic bunch of scoundrels.

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