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Thursday, 27 October 2011


Jennifer Rubin is another Kathleen Parker - a narcissist attention w***e!
Mannie Sherberg
I don't pretend to know what's ailing Jennifer Rubin -- but I'll hazard a guess. When she wrote for Contentions, she always struck me a both level-headed and well-informed (I haven't followed her writing at the WaPo), but it's always struck me that a fair amount of RINO elitism has rubbed off on several writers in the Commentary stable. There's a certain kind of conservative that finds, I believe, Perry's Texas twang, his A&M degree, his halting speech patterns, and his Evangelical Christian fervor not only off-putting but offensive. This is, of course, nothing more than irrational snobbism, no matter how much these conservatives try to rationalize it. You get a whiff of this kind of conservative elitism every once in a while from Charles Krauthammer -- as when he not only derogates certain other conservatives, but does it with sniffing disdain. People like this -- and the Republican party has more than its fair share -- see Perry as "beneath them." I suspect they've never thought of themselves as what they really are -- a bunch of stuffed shirts -- and pretty obnoxious ones at that.
yeshiva son
I honestly can't see anyone besides Perry beating Obama. Very, very hard to understand why any republicans/tea party members/conservatives/anyone against Obama wold support anyone else.

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