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Friday, 07 October 2011


Mannie Sherberg
So ... our self-adoring Chief Executive is not just a narcissist but a postmodernist. Who knew? Postmodernism, of course, is the cockamamie school-of-thought that claims knowledge of the "truth" or the "facts" or "what really happened" is inaccessible to human beings -- that the best we can hope for is an interpretation of what we believe happened; this interpretation, which will vary from person to person, is called -- in postmodern jargon, a "story" or a "narrative" or -- the preferred word -- a "construct." The world we think we know is, accordingly, "constructed" inside our heads; it may or may not correlate with the "true" state of things, which we can never know. Interestingly, this notion lies at the heart of Holocaust-denial; according to the postmodernists, if I say the Holocaust happened, I'm entitled to my "opinion" (an opinion being the best any of us can ever come up with), and if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies that the Holocaust happened, he's equally entitled to his "opinion." Since none of us can ever know what really happened, one opinion is as good as another. I have no idea where or when Obama came under the influence of this nonsense, but I'm not surprised that he cherishes all this stuff about stories and narratives; this idiocy is very big on the Left these days. I wish I could sit down with Obama and ask him if he thinks the Holocaust really happened. I suspect I wouldn't get a straight answer. I'd probably get a story.

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