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Sunday, 30 October 2011


Rick Richman
http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-october-27-2011/indecision-2012---scared-mittless Maybe there should be a brokered convention, which can consider drafting Mike Pence, Mitch Daniels, or Paul Ryan. Wasn't the purpose of conventions once to decide things like this?
The Dems will eat Romney alive. See David Plouffe today (headline at HuffPo) for example; he's not nearly as kind as Stewart. We will have to choose our poison. The Dems will bash Romney for being a flip-flopper a la John Kerry, Cain as a doofus for his lack of experience in government and confused mis-statements, Perry for being yet another Republican TX governor who is almost -though not quite- as inarticulate as Dubya, and Newt Gingrich for being short and portly, an egghead and mean-spirited -- not to mention, backward-looking. Were we to nominate Pence, Daniels or Ryan, they would hardly be immune to such Palinization efforts. Whatever their shortcomings were found to be, the Left would harp on them viciously and incessantly, with the mainstream media chiming in on the chorus after every verse. Don't forget, they've already "shown" Paul Rayn throwing Granny over a cliff. It's the only real option the Dems have; if they want to retain the White House, they will have to absolutely DEMOLISH their opponent. That way Obama will look okay enough, by comparison, to squeak by. In other words, we have no messiah, so we'll just have to choose from among these fallible humans.
Mannie Sherberg
Truer words, Yael, were never spoken (or written). Rick's idea of a convention draft is fine with me, but it ain't gonna happen -- any more than we will see a GOP messiah drop from the skies. We're stuck with a flawed line-up. But before we become too disspirited about this, let's remember two things: (1) Flawed line-ups can and do produce winning results. Witness my beloved St. Louis Cardinals -- who went into the World Series with a line-up flawed at every position (even Albert Pujols -- who's as close to a baseball messiah as Cardinal fans are ever likely to see -- displayed a few chinks in his armor during the seven games) but nevertheless emerged from the series victorious. (2) If our GOP line-up consists of fallible humans, what are we to say about Obama -- who may be the most fallible and the most flawed president in history? Granted, the Dims will do everything in their power to demolish whomever the GOP nominates, but the GOP candidate should find it fairly easy to do likewise with Obama. Even Romney, for all his faults, should be able to go tit-for-tat when it comes to comparing flip-flops. This is going to be one ugly election -- but I see no reason (certainly not this early in the game) to assume Obama will win. He is a socialist who, in every way, stands far, far outside the mainstream of American political history and American tradition. He is -- and will ineluctably remain -- beatable.

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