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Thursday, 27 October 2011


Mannie Sherberg
In the whole, long history of publishing, this may be the biggest single purchase of a book written by a terrorist. We all know -- despite the ridiculous cover blurb that it's in "his own words" -- that the book was written by Bill Ayers ... and that Obama had little more to do with it than I did with writing the Talmud. If I were Ayers. I'd be rankled as hell about this. Thankfully, I am not Ayers -- and I'm still rankled as hell about it.
George Todd
Can you imagine the utter disappointment of anyone who receives "Dreams From My Father" as a holiday gift??? I can just picture it, some good Obama foot soldier gets their mail and spys a neatly wrapped package with the Obama White House as the return address. Getting very excited, they think finally, finally they're being recognized by the powers that be - only to rip away the wrappers and find Obama's lousy biography about a disillusioned-Black-commie-community organizer barely out of law school.

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