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Friday, 02 December 2011


Mannie Sherberg
Despair, hopelessness, wretchedness: that's what this story is really all about. 315,000 of our fellow citizens have resigned themselves to living in the slough of despond -- and this will be trumpeted by the Obama administration as a triumph and a victory. Are the American people stupid enough to fall for this statistical hocus-pocus -- as Surber seems to believe they are? I'm more skeptical -- and more inclined to trust the good sense of my fellow citizens. We shall see who's right.
Mannie, what we don't know - yet - is whether the 315,000 have been forced onto the gubmint dole. If so (and what else would you do?) then it may be a double victory for The Won. But like you, I'm thinking that the American people will believe what they are actually experiencing in their own lives over and above what they read in the paper. I don't know that mere statistics would be convincing otherwise. As you say, we shall see...
Mannie Sherberg
Good point,Yael. From Obama's point of view, making another 315,00 people dependents of the government is a triumph -- and a Leftie's dream come true. There's a fancy word for what Obama's doing: immiseration -- the sinking of more and more people into abject misery. When you get right down to it, that's what the Left has always been about. Still is. Disgusting!
Tom Glennon
Regarding the 315,000 who have fallen off the job seeking rolls. Generally speaking, an unemployed person has 26 weeks of state funded unemployment benefits. If the unemployment rate in their state is above a trigger percentage, the Federal government will provide up to 73 weeks of additional benefits. Iowa, my state, does not qualify because our rate is below the trigger. The funny part is that most states with a history of Republican state government do not qualify for extended benefits. It is primarily states with Democratic leadership that have higher unemployment figures. In any event, if a person has exhausted all unemployment benefits, exceeded the time the state will assist in seeking employment, and must now subsist on other aid programs (such as AFDC and food stamps), they are no longer categorized as unemployed, and fall completely off the rolls. Hope this helps.

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