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Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Mannie Sherberg
Two comments: (1) The forces arrayed against Israel are indeed "daunting." That's why the work done by such intrepids as you, Yael, and Caroline Glick matters so much. It's because you and a few others have kept your fingers in the dike for so many years that the dike is still holding. I won't get alarmed unless people like you and Caroline lift your fingers -- and the daunting become an irresistible flood. (2) Anyone who wants to know just how daunting Tom Friedman is should read Adrian Wooldridge's very readable new book "Masters of Management, in which he describes Friedman as "the most influential opinion journalist in the United States," and informs us that Friedman has so much clout at the NYT that he's been given "a blank check when it comes to travel" and that Pinch Sulzberger never asks him what he intends to write or how much his travel will cost. He lives, not so incidentally, in a home of more than 11,000 square feet on 7-1/2 acres. He is (my language, not Wooldridge's) a classic example of the nebbish who became king. That "small group of elitist leftists" for whom he writes are the geese who lay the golden eggs.

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