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Monday, 30 January 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Since Sarah Palin has been more or less quiescent lately, the Dims are in desperate need of some other reprobate, preferably female, to lambaste -- and last week Jan Brewer dropped into their laps. I don't know how many reports about her "rudeness" I heard or read over the weekend, but it was a lot -- and all of them sounded as gleeful as a bunch of vampires famished for fresh blood. What I find interesting about this hubbub is that the Dims have no trouble overthrowing meaningFUL old ideas -- like the one that there might be something immoral about aborting a child -- but cannot overthrow meaningLESS old ideas -- like the one that it's rude to point a finger. Can anyone explain to me the logic of putting a "rude" label on a pointed finger? In a world filled with pain and cruelty, a pointed finger is something to get worked up about? Methinks all the Dimocrat dudgeon over Governor Brewer's finger is as fickle as the proverbial finger of fate. These folks are so saturated in bile that they occasionally need to purge themselves of it -- and for that purpose they need a victim, no matter how innocent. Last week's innocent victim was the governor of Arizona.

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