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Monday, 30 January 2012


Mannie Sherberg
I don't know of a serious economist (Paul Krugman is not a serious economist) who doesn't agree that the economy cannot be turned around unless and until Obamacare is repealed. Without such repeal, all the nostrums from all the Paul Ryans in the world won't make much of a difference; the economy will languish -- and perhaps worsen -- as long as Obamacare is in effect. But on the issue of Obamacare, it's becoming increasingly evident that the Romney campaign may be nothing more than a hoax and a sham. Not only has Romney himself "promised" to do three or four mutually exclusive things with regard to repealing Obamacare -- but last week one of his closest advisors, Norm Coleman, gave the game away when he said that the complete repeal of Obamacare is an impossibility. He flat-out said that it cannot and will not happen. But nothing less than a complete repeal will suffice to save the economy. My guess is that more and more Floridians are catching on to the fact that Romney is not to be trusted on the major economic problem of the entire campaign. If that's the case, Newt may do better tomorrow than most of the polls have suggested. Florida voters may be asking the same question I'm asking: If Romney cannot be trusted on an issue of this magnitude, what can he be trusted on? How about his pledge of unwavering commitment to Israel's safety? Should we be worried about that, too?
yeshiva son
ugggh the gap is widening, it looks like a blow out.

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