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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


yeshiva son
I think they will tell you that it doesn't matter that 60% of the base won't get behind him. Come November, they will vote for him anyway. Not sure that is true, unfortunately. Also if Santorum drops out at any point this becomes a totally, totally different ball game.
This excerpt from Miniter's article strikes me as right: "Romney needs to present some dramatic reform plans, starting with income-tax cuts and ending pointless government agencies. If he succeeds without these things, the 'Reagan Revolution' is dead. That may be why so many Republicans oppose Romney’s candidacy in its current form. They are simply not ready to bury Reagan." But it is more likely Romney will decide that it wouldn't be prudent. He will excite no one, which is thought to be the key to his electability (he won't scare Independents) but is actually his Achilles heel, since Independents are looking for more than that.
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