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Monday, 27 February 2012


Mannie Sherberg
If I were teaching a course in Ancient Greek Culture, I'd use these two specimens from the Collected Oratory of Barack Hussein Obama as examples of what the Greeks meant by "hubris" -- excessive, overweening arrogance, pride. And then I'd use it to illustrate why the Hebrew Bible (Mishlay 16:18) tells us that "Pride goes before ruin,/ Arrogance, before failure." The Greek root of "hubris" is "hybris" -- which means insolence. The two statements from Obama reek of insolence, effrontery, and shameless impertinence; they drip with disdain and contempt for ordinary Americans and their ability to control their own lives. Is it any wonder that that great treasure-chest of Jewish thought, "The Ethics of the Fathers," repeatedly counsels modesty and humility? Is it any wonder that this presidency is careening toward ruin, and is already the most failed presidency in modern history?

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