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Monday, 20 February 2012


Mannie Sherberg
I long ago stopped using the word "incompetent" to describe Obama. Clearly, the man is one of the most competent presidents in recent American history; he knows what he wants to do -- and he does it. What he wants to do is weaken the United States, relegate it to the ranks of "just another country," and remove all its attributes of exceptionalism and nobility. Every day now, we see new evidence of his competence. This is one more instance.
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Surely such an INTERNATIONAL agreement would require a treaty of some sort. Treaties--all treaties--require Senate ratification (assuming that the Constitution still means anything anymore). Nevertheless, THE EFFORT TO DO THIS HAS BEEN MADE BY THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, and Obama therefore should be regarded as a TRAITOR (with all that that implies too). As far as the current Senate is concerned, well, it's controlled by the Democrats. If they were to actually ratify something like this, it will probably be during their "lame duck" period between 11/07/2012 and 01/19/2013 (in another legislative "scorched earth"). And if Obama were to cede this territory to Russia illegally, without Senate approval, then it would of course be unconstitutional--an illegal treaty. And if the Russians were to execute their end of this illegal treaty, then what? A REAL cause for war? On both sides? Or perhaps a perpetual "diplomatic crisis"? (But possession, they say, is nine-tenths of the law.) I hate Democrats. They support & defend traitors. Thus, they are also traitors.

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