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Monday, 27 February 2012


Mannie Sherberg
I would add that Troubadour's prose is a salmagundi of sterile stereotypes ... a cacophony of creepy cliches ... a melange of mordant moronisms ... a dreck-heap of disorganized derangement ... but why go on? The most noteworthy fact about Troubadour is that his or her nom de plume is risibly inappropriate. The real troubadours were medieval poets and singers of sweet songs, known for the intricacy and complexity of their verse forms. Troubadour can be known only for the cloddishness and inanity of his or her panting purple prose. If Troubadour is a troubadour, I am Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
A nice example of ranting insane hate speech that is for sure. If you select a few of the 25,000 some posts that this person has made I think you will quickly agree with me. The extent of the psychotic rantings in these groups is absolutely stunning as are the discussion that justify this. The need many of them feel to remain anonymous as if they are revolutionary founding fathers, hunted radicals or outlaws is also interesting. I find this post a real eye opener when it comes to profound philosophical reasoning: I'm proud to say I never believed in God. At least not after Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny went out the window. In early childhood, like before age 5, I knew the word "God" supposedly referred to the vague set of things people didn't understand, but then...I understood them, and the illusion disappeared. But I've never had faith in such a dimwitted concept. I may still use words like god and soul when I'm feeling especially poetic, but they're expressions of emotion rather than references to an actual phenomenon. I do, however, have faith of a kind - faith in humanity. Its disappointments and horrors don't even come close to overwhelming its potential for evolution and discovery. This is not a blind faith, but a faith with its eyes wide open - the conscious, deliberate choice to fervently believe that humanity is ultimately an engine of creation more than destruction, and an instrument of all life rather than its nemesis. I support the Vulcan philosophy of "infinite diversity in infinite combinations" - an unending future of inexhaustible surprises. This is the meaning of paradise to a being with a mind, and an absolute horror to the cowards who flee from it into the arms of religious certainty. Live by the certainty that nothing can kill you. You'll only be wrong once. by Troubadour on Sun Feb 19, 2012 at 07:07:43 AM PST
(Quoted from jgury's quotation of this Troubador@dailykos comment from 02/19/12 07:07:43: "...This is not a BLIND faith, but a FAITH with its eyes wide open - the conscious, DELIBERATE choice to FERVENTLY believe that ..." This is self-delusion.

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