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Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Mannie Sherberg
As a physician, Nordau probably had a strong stomach, so maybe he could have looked upon "the tastes and instincts of fashionable society" in today's America without puking -- but most of the rest of us find that hard to do. Louis C. K. is a case in point. C. K. is. of course, the "comedian" (there's a word that's degenerated in recent years) who had to resign as host of the Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner a few days ago after Greta Van Susteren (bless her!) revealed that he's a creep who regularly makes vile "jokes" about Sarah Palin, "denigates all women," and is, in general, a repulsive jerk. Ms. Van Susteren, who was invited to the dinner, announced that she would not attend, and urged all invitees to boycott the event. What's remarkable about this story is not that C. K. is a revolting low-life, but that he was asked to host a dinner by the paragons of "fashionable society" -- radio and TV correspondents virtually all of whom are college graduates, work for elite corporations, and are themselves considered by many to be members of the elite. This, incredibly, is what passes for fashionable "taste" in today's America. There could not be a more appropriate word to describe all this than "degeneration." Thank you, Dr. Nordau.

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