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Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Mannie Sherberg
James Lewis says Obama is "simply lying." No argument there. But our real problem with Obama is not merely that he tells lies but that he is a lie. Everything really worth knowing about the man is concealed -- hidden behind the lies purveyed in his ghosted autobiogaphy and in the myths perpetrated by his handlers. The guy has been president of the United States for almost an entire term and we still do not have enough certifiable information about his past to write a halfway credible biography of him. We know far more about any character in any novel by Dickens than we know about the most powerful person on this planet. One would think the American people would be clamoring -- en masse -- for this man to come clean about who and what he truly is -- starting with the question of his birth certificate and proceeding from there. But one would be wrong. The public's indifference to the fact that they are being governed by a living lie -- a fake, a falsity, a fabrication -- is almost surely the most astonishing political fact of our time. And the most depressing.

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