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Monday, 30 April 2012


Mannie Sherberg
Powerful, compelling stuff. If BtB readers are looking for more "hard truth," I recommend Geert Wilders's new book -- make that masterpiece -- "Marked for Death." This is easily the most complete, the most instructive, and the most shattering book about the jihad and the danger it poses to Western civilization that I know of. One of the things it shatters is the image of Wilders as a Nordic attention-seeker with wavy blond hair and a penchant for getting publicity. This is a deadly serious man who's visited Israel more than 50 times, lived on a moshav, and is completely dedicated to the well-being of the Jewish state. He is also an astonishingly brave man whose clarity and candor match his courage. Sections of the book outraged me, other sections sickened me, but in the end the book left me feeling strangely cleansed -- knowing it was written by a man who not only cherishes the Truth but puts his life at risk for it every minute of every day. If I had a gazillion dollars lying around, I'd buy a copy of it for every literate American. It's that important.

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